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Leaks Behind Walls and Under Slabs

Leaks can be costly. Water leaks cause damage to the structure by damaging the wood and sheetrock. Foundations can be undermined causing the house to settle, leading to walls cracking, windows and doors jamming, etc.

Natural gas leaks amp up the level of danger. There are stories in the news where homes are blown to peaces and its occupants injured or killed. Call a Roswell plumber fast if you have the slightest concern that your home has a gas leak.

Plumbing and water pipes are an integral part of every home and business in the Roswell area. The system consists of pipes, valves, assemblies and drain fittings, used together to bring us clean drinking water and removing waste water. The system requires enough pressure to transport water throughout the house, including bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, around corners, upstairs and to the outside garden hose.

A Pinhole Leak Can Cause Great Damage

A pinhole leak in just one of these pipes can cause thousands of dollars in damages and wasted water. Water leak problems are common in older properties as well as newer construction due to ground movement, root intrusion, corrosion, irregular cleaning, poor construction and carelessness, which can all lead to pipe damage.

Over time, water pipes fall victim to rust, corrosion, age and weather. Corrosion occurs when acids found in water produce pits in the pipes, which eventually turn into pinhole size leaks.

Mildew and Mold

Unfortunately corrosion and pinhole leaks can go unnoticed and cause significant damage. Slow dripping water between the walls, can make the perfect environment for bacteria, mildew and mold to grow.

Today’s advanced technology and equipment have led to specialized leak detection instruments able to identify and pinpoint the source of leaks. They are able to locate leaks behind walls, in swimming pools, under the ground, pavement and concrete without the expense or disruption of digging up the property.